Friday, December 4, 2015

How to make a 4D Graph Analysis ?

Tonight Uncle want to share HOW TO MAKE a 4D GRAPH ANALYSIS WITH 4D2U WEBSITE...this is special prediction for SATURDAY 05 DESEMBER 2015.

1. First Login at 4D2U.COM and if you not a register also can use this Graph, just direct click on "4D Search"

2. Before go to Graph 4D Analysis, look at Uncle 4D Forecast Chart and 4D Numbers Tips :-

This Prediction Chart is for Saturday 05 Desember 2015, Uncle select two tips from this 4D predictions and show to your all How Uncle use 4D Graph to make a analysis. The two numbers is 1458 & 7801.

Next is use the "Normal Search : 1234", this can make a direct or permutation prediction numbers..but uncle like use the permutation search, and sometime use Direct Search for target Direct Numbers.

Next what to do?  Taip your 4D prediction numbers and select which source your want to make a prediction...On the Graph tick "Yes" and last your click "Search"

For example 4D Graph Analysis, See the picture below, This is a 4D Grapgh analysis for this Sat draw
( 05 Desember 2015 )..Uncle target Full Numbers is 1 4 5 8 and 7 8 0 1 but is not a straight numbers targets.

Please Bet 'paw' or 'iperm' only...

Last but not least, this all is just for sharing prediction method only...Uncle also not guarante 100% this method can make your win the 4D numbers every draw, but at least we have guideline how to predict the next 4D Numbers you want play...

Last, please share this post if your think that is a good prediction method......


Warning : This tips is for sharing to all my Fan Page Members, and if your have others method or formula to generat 4D numbers, FORGET about this tips.

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